Being Diabetic with No Support System

Hello All. Being Type 2 is very hard, but it can be worse when friends and family invite me over to dinner and serve non diabetic friendly meals with cakes pies etc…Lol seriously, its hard when no one respects my Disease. Its also hard to have No support base, its like no one understands the feeling when I get deep down pain when my sugar gets high, or when i get the tingling in my feet. I have no one to talk to when i get down. Just So tough! Diabetes is one of the worst things that could have ever happened to me. :0-(

michelle you are not alone we are all here to help
this is tudiabetes family & we all help each other
why don't you join our chat room ?
you will feel much better

You are right Michelle Type 2 and all forms of diabetes are hard. For any person with diabetes food is a major challenge especially at the holidays. It would be nice if others were more supportive but we can't blame them because they do not understand, they have not faced our challenges and in their world their food choices are OK. It seems that we can only depend on ourselves and that's what makes it hard.

As hard as it may be you are not alone. One of the reasons that TuDiabetes exist is so that no diabetic will be alone. We are all here for you and we don't mind being leaned upon.

i feel u on that one. once a month at work we have a potluck and no one ever considers my diet restrictions. it's double for me because ima vegetarian too.

and i really HATE when friends tell me all i have to do is "adjust" like it's so easy to just stop eating like everything i love. food has no joy for me anymore and dont let me get started on grocery shopping...i swear i have an anxiety attack every time. i could go on forever about this...