Being ripped off by drug stores

Today, I picked up some prescriptions from Walmart. Although I don't like to shop there all of the time, I went there instead of going to CVS. CVS charaged me, last month, for two months worth of insulin when, in fact, they only gave me 50 days worth. They seem to think that is okay...I mean, to do otherwise would be insurance fraud.

I picked up on it BUT how many of us are cheated regularly?! Just because I am down due to a chronic illness does NOT mean that I deserve to be ripped off by a drug store - a place that should be an ally for me to get the meds that I need to live well.

Unbelievable situation!! The pharmacist refused to do anything. Corporate never called me back. They even tried to tell me that places like Kroger and Publix sold more medication than they do!!

Really not happy this evening. On the positive side, I did save $50.0o by switching pharmacies L)

I'm under the impression that meds are priced by volume and not by monthly supply. This might be different for different insurance plans so I might be wrong.

Volume versus supply pricing aside it still ticks me off that prices for the same med is that much different at different pharmacys. It does seem that CVS is trying to rip you off.

Gary S

Thanks, Gary! I have gone to other insurance companies before...even CVS/Caremark gave me the right amount of insulin. I went to Medco, Walmart, and CVS/Caremark. The prescription was the same one that CVS had, too. They had faxed it over to Walmart when I transferred my prescription the day before. Other meds are ridiculously priced there, too. I saved on 3 other medications. I mean, I am fully insured...I am just so bothered by it!

Pharmacies charge by quantity/amount....and not the number of months. that is impossible and doesnt make any sense. I work in a pharmacy and we charge per box.......and because insulin and test strips dont require a prescription, we dispense them with no tax and no dispensing fee. Diabetic supplies have a very low mark-up and we actually dont make that much at all. Pharmacies (good ones) dont cheat patients and actually try to save patients money where they can. Remember the money isnt going into the pharmacists pocket...but im sorry you had a bad experience at a pharmacy.

Thanks, Michelle. I get that. They could only get me covered with 1 vial of insulin for 25 days so (usually with every other pharmacy)I have received 2 vials of insulin for each month. CVS sold me two bottles of insulin, but charged me as if I bought 2 months worth, even though the amount they gave me would (by their own calculations) only last me 50 days.

They make extra money because I am going to be is just unbelievable to me that they do not see that! When I had the prescription filled by CVS/Caremark, they even sent me two vials for the month...

I got upset thinking about how many people get hurt with wrong allotments...diabetes is so expensive!! CVS doesn't even follow the $4.00 pricing that sooooo many other places are following...

Thanks for letting me vent. I am just pretty steamed!!!