Being Type 1 helped my mom find out she was type 2

So last week while out for my Mom’s and sisters birthday, they always give me a hard time about being diabetic but in a good fun way to ease the tension. Before the meal i was testing my blood sugar like normal and my mom basically said why don’t you test a normal person in good fun, when I did test her she was at 126 and hasn’t ate anything before hand. Knowing this seems kinda high for a normal person and was out of test strips I told her during today’s thanksgiving get together we would test it again…after 1 hour of eating I tested and she was at 189…which in my mind is pre-diabetic if not Type 2.

She is in her 50's semi overweight doesn't exercise and eat's like crap. I am thankful that me being type 1 and having all the knowledge that I know now actually caught this and can help her get back on the right track. She is going to get some blood work done for her A1C and talk to my endo about it. At least being Type 1 helped another family member catch it earlier (hopefully) and she can make the adjustments she needs to live a healthier longer life.

Just thought I would share some positive in our situations :-).

happy holidays

Good for you! Though your mom may not be happy about the news, when she learns a bit more she will realize how vital it was for her to catch this before it has gone on any longer and to begin to take the steps she needs to manage her blood sugar. If she is, as sounds likely, diagnosed, bring her on here to join us!

Your mom should thank you! I do that to all my g-kids and done it to my 2 kids. Caught my daughter b/f the Drs did being high. The Drs told me I was too occupied with diabetes but she’s a Type 1 like her mom. GOOD WORK AND LIKE ZOE SAYS TELL HER TO JOIN US HERE!

Good job! I had nearly the same experience with my mother-in-law, who one day asked me if the blood tests hurt, and what a “normal” bg reading would be. So I tested her and she was at 289 mg/dl!
I was ready to pull out an insulin pen and give her a shot but she assured me she felt fine. I told her I didn’t care how she felt, she had diabetes and needed to see a doctor. There’s only so much you can tell your mother-in-law. She is shaped like an apple and eats horribly. But I didn’t let up until she went in to see a doctor, where (surprise) she was diagnosed with Type II. And when I mentioned that it was a good thing we tried testing her blood that day she told me that she wished she hadn’t!
I have read that many people with Type II don’t know it and I always wondered how that was possible. I guess if you hang out above 200 for a few years you don’t know anything different.

I always test all of my friends that wish to be tested. One female does not wish to know if she has diabetes and I respect that.

Not every day you get to save someone’s life. Great work!