Bell's palsy

I’ve just been told i have bell’s palsy, a (usually) temporary partial paralysis of the face.

Everything I read about it mentions a link to diabetes, but I can’t find any info on how it is linked, anyone know what the connection is?

Bell’s Palsy may be related to diabetic vascular &/or neurological problems.

I’m sorry to hear this. Bell’s Palsy basically s*cks. I believe that for most people the condition gets better without any treatment. But it would certainly be prudent to make sure that the condition is not from a stroke or other cause. Bell’s palsy is a problem with the facial nerve and diabetics are substantially more prone to the condition. It is thought that high blood sugars from diabetes can cause neuropathy and that hypertension can compress the facial nerve.

I hope you get better soon.

The doc said she thinks it’s from an infection of my lymph nodes, so I’m on antibiotics and steroids (yay for BG hell) as well as eye drops because I can’t blink properly, and she said I’ll need physiotherapy to help recover the use of the nerves…