Bell's palsy

Sunday morning started to feel a numbness in the lower lip. Didn’t think much about it until the next morning when the numbness spread to the entire right side of my face. A little bit of panic set in so I called my doctors who told me to go to the hospital. Three days later and after many many tests I was informed that I had the garden variety of Bell’s palsy. The usual treatment are steroids, but since I am a type 1, I was told that steroids raise blood sugars and it wasn’t the route to take. I guess I am now on the slow road to recovery. Has anyone out there been through a bout of Bell’s palsy?

First I am so sorry for this happening. It is very scary. I have not had a case of Bell’s Palsy but my mom did at two points. One treated with steroids one with time. The steroids as was reported to you shot her blood sugar through the roof. I now knwo this to be the case as steroids do this to me as well.

The other and the one you are likely interested in also worked and her issues were really more cosmetic and of course lasted longer. Mom did say she preferred the long grind once it was done. But, and I know this was part of it, she was always very conscious of her appearance and for her that time with the Bell’s Palsy was very difficult.

I hope this speeds along quickly.

Rick, thanks for your reply. I left the hospital feeling glad that it was only Bell’s palsy. I was tested for a stroke and MS. The thought of having MS on top of diabetes was almost too much for me too deal with. I prefer the battle to recovery from Bell’s palsy than the lifelong trauma of MS. Do you remember how long it took your mom to recover without steroids.

It was a long time ago, so I am speaking from memories that I have from my teenage years, I am almost 57 now, and mom was since passed or I would ask her. But as I recall it took about 45 days to get to the place she was comfortable being in public again. I would say it cleared in about 60 days. As i say mom was very self conscious and I would be surprised if she would have felt it cleared enough to be in public before it almost completely cleared. Also by the time mom took the non steroid path she was very ill with a number of issues, so to say it took 45 days means it might have cleared in 15 to 30 under normal circumstances.

I do want to comment on the issue of MS. I do my RA infusions with a lady who is both diabetic and has MS. I am so glad I do not have MS. It is a terrible match to have both. The poor lady cannot inject herself it requires an assistant (her husband mostly) but the nurse has done it as well. She told me her blood sugar is a moving target and that is fine with her endo. MS is the major disease despite being diabetic for over 30 years. There is nothing good about that combination. I have it bad with Rheumatoid Arthritis and type 1, she has it way way worse. She inspires me whenever I see her. I think, if she can do what she does, I can do whatever small stuff I need to do. By the way she spent this past Christmas in Hawaii with her family. They all flew there from Indiana to enjoy the warmth and to fulfill a promise they made on their honeymoon to someday take the kids (when they had them) to Hawaii. It was their 25th anniversary. That gave me enough inspiration to move on for a lifetime.

Thanks again…I am 58 and was diagnosed with diabetes only two years ago. It changed my life since I was always very healthy (no other health issues), but it amazes me where we all find strength to deal with life struggles. I truly know how lucky I am not to have been given the double whammy of MS, but one never knows what curve ball life can throw tomorrow. Stay well.

That is so true, i have three autoimmune diseases, and well it is difficult but many have it much worse than I. Please take care and stay healthy.


I know someone who developed Bell's palsy as an early symptom of Lyme disease. I don't know how Bell's palsy appears as a symptom of Lyme disease or any other disease--as opposed to a standalone condition. Maybe someone else knows that.

Hope that you recover quickly!

Best wishes,


Thanks Marty, my doctor did mention Lyme disease but I was not diagnosed with it. Don’t really know where this came from but I sure hope it leaves as fast as it came. My granddaughter likes my crocked smile, so at least we can laugh about it.

Did your doctor test for Lyme disease? It can be really, really debilitating if it is not caught early and treated effectively.

I'm sending my best wishes that you doctor could accurately rule out Lyme, that the palsy heals swiftly, and that your granddaughter continues to laugh about life with you!

Best wishes,