Belly pump sites

Do others find that belly sites really suck? We can go a day perhaps a day and a half before the canulas fail or fall out. We never have this problem with back hip locations. Just curious.

My 10 yr old daughter rotates arms, belly and back. She never has problems with any sites. She love the belly!

My 12-year-old son has been pumping for 4 years, and has always used his belly with no problems. He wears his cgm on his arm, also with no problems.

My 11 yr. old son rotates back and stomach. His stomach is his favorite.
Have you tried pressing down on the tip while the canula is inserting? It helps the canula to insert further in the tissue. It works!

My daughter really prefers the belly so much so that we have had to emphasize other areas to rotate to. She now use her lower back and stomach. She somehow knock a canula out last nighton her back without realizing it. When she checked BG it was around 480 with a trace of ketones. This was her first time to have any signs of ketones since her diagnosis 19 months ago so it was very disturbing to her. A shot and new pod quickly got everything back in control

My son started out using his belly since it was his favorite site for the injections…we started pumping during the summer and found out very quick that this was the most difficult site to keep the canula in. It would fall out within one day. We used the big clear bandages and the extra sticky spray (can’t remember the name). We can though use it throughout the school year since he’s not outside or in the heat all day long. I’ve realized that it’s because of the constant movement that the belly skin has, sitting, standing…bending. It’s always moving where the behind is pretty tight and isn’t really wrinkling up at all.

one son’s favorite is belly and has no problems, but we rotate butt and arms, the other rotates belly and butt, he is too tall now for an arm site and does not like the longer tube that would allow that

I’m sorry for the comment about pressing down the tip… I was thinking that I replied to a discussion in the “Omnipod user” group. LOL But it really sounds like the favorite spot for all pump users is the belly.

My daughter is 4 - we have been told not to use the belly yet - we just use the lower back and arms…


My daughter (11) also prefers her belly for canulla placement. It’s a challenge to get her to rotate to other areas of her body. Never have problems with the belly site. Use SkinTac to aid with adhesion.

it took us about 4 months to figure out that the belly site was not a good one for our son. Half the time, we reached over 500mg/dl with repeated dosages of insulin before it kicked it. Now I avoid it, even though our Doctor says it should not be happening, it is My son is not “thin” either, he has plenty of belly fat, so we don’t know why it happens but it does. Just avoid it if you uncomfortable like we are.

My daughter will only put her insets in her belly. It’s what she prefers and the dr says to just let her do it because it is her comfort level. We use Animas’ inset 30 and have little trouble with it on her belly. Are you using a straight inset?

the sites do not get all puffy?

For the previous five years belly sites were okay. In the past year we have gotten more numerous failures, infection, etc., and it seems like most of them in the middle of the night. It sure is a common disease but each child is unique in their own way.

Thanks for the responses, everyone. It was more of a curiosity shout out.

My son is 6 and really skinny. We haven’t had success with the belly because he doesn’t have any belly fat and we alway get it in the muscle and it fails. Usually very quickly. We use arms, thighs, and butt. He likes his arms the best. ( we have and omnipod).

Try the upper part of your buttocks, that usually works good also you can get Tegaderm, it’s a clear sticky strip large enough to cover infusion site so it doesn’t fall off or come off. Walgreens, but you can get the from your supplier too. Try it and see if it works for you.