Benefit of being diabetic

OMG! I’m so happy to discover that uni-solve (the pad we use to remove the skintac from Abbie’s inset area) works to remove that annoying sticky stuff that the price tag leaves on dishes and glasses.

(Not to mention that we’ve used the skin-tac to keep jewels attached for the princes jasmins at school today)

Took the stickies right off and washed up perfectly. Gotta take the benefits where you can!

Be careful, though. I thought it would be the perfect “goo gone” treatment for the price-tag stickum left on the bottom of three ceramic vases we bought at a furniture store last month…until I sat the vases on my six month old coffee table and it ATE the FINISH clean off my table.

Oh - that’s awful :(. Good advice Melissa.

I used Skin Tac for Caleb’s mustache (old time sheriff costume). :slight_smile:

THis is why I love this site. You can talk about everything from insurance to goo-dissolver here.

This is great!! I also use the unisolve wipes to remove those temporary tattoos that kids love.

That is a good idea, using Skin Tac for Princess stickies, but did you read below? Yikes! Guess it would work if you then washed off Skin Tac residue with soap and water. Winter is coming and this is the time of year I miss San Fran, LOL. Used to live there for a few years in my twenties.