Best A1C Ever

Yesterday was C's quarterly endo appointment and it was the best one we've had so far. Usually C is very nervous when he gets his blood drawn. When he was younger his brother and sister would come with us and they would try to distract him by telling him jokes and reading him books. But since his appointment was during a school day they did not come with us this time. Of course I was a little apprehensive since this was the first time they wouldn't be here to distract him. He did great though, when it was time for the blood draw he just kind of winced. C's A1C is always in the 6 range so of course I was expecting it to be there again. However, this time it was a 5.8. I couldn't believe it I told them they better go check it again because that cannot be right. I guess all this strictly managing of his blood sugar has payed off. Nightscout has played a huge part in his low A1C because now I can catch the lows and highs faster since I am also monitoring. C is only 11 so he doesn't really pay attention to the Dexcom as much if he feels low or high he'll address it but he isn't constantly looking at it like I am. We have been doing this for 7 years now and this is the first time we have gotten below a 6. So tonight to celebrate we are having C's favorite: Turkey and Bean Chilli.

Great job guys well done. Great when things go right and to plan.