Best cake ever

Click over to my blog for a picture of THE BEST CAKE EVER!

My diabetic birthday “cake”! My wife is awesome!

My wife could be the most creative and funny person I have ever met. Love you Mrs. SuFu!!


Ohh…nice cake!! Do you know the best thing about turkey? It’s carb free!!! With that, eat up!

OMG. What happened to the beer and wine at Chuck E Cheese? You’ve really gone over to the Paleo dark side now.

I don’t drink alcohol so the beer and wine were out either way. One of my favorite things in life are rotisserie chickens. Whenever I am on vacation and my family wants to go out to eat at a Italian restaurant or whatever I usually stop at the local grocery and grab a chicken. I’ve always had a very severe egg allergy so it’s easier just to grab an apple, a yogurt and a chicken. Healthier, easier to digest and I won’t double die!

Happy Birthday! Your wife is awesome! Thanks for the laugh and I showed Cole…he wants the same!

I laughed all night about that. I think it could become the new diabetic trend!