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@Mocha - Although you were asking about alarms, I can see the conversation diverged a bit. If anyone is interested, I can set up a quick poll for us to vote on. I can use MS Forms or Survey Monkey, but just need to know all the devices, and maybe a section on comments.

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That info is helpful! Thank you! And sure, if you can make a poll, that would be helpful too. I do feel inclined now to go with the Dex6 and hopefully my insurance covers it.

Thanks for your input. I used the Libre and felt there were times it wasn’t accurate and was told the numbers could be off by 1-12 numbers. It’s hopeful that the dexcom is more accurate :slightly_smiling_face:

Just for general info, you should also be able to create a poll in any post to this forum. Discourse has the capability to create a simple poll built-in. Just click on the gear wheel (options) icon in a reply message window as shown in the screen snip below.

Did you know you could create a poll in Discourse?
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Never hurts to ask your doctor, educator, Dexcom or whomever if some sort of option to do a trial with the Dexcom CGM sensor is a possibility. Remember to point out that you had an allergic skin reaction with the Libre in the past. :man_shrugging:

Note: FWIW, if you do end up purchasing sensors you later decide you can never use, you can probably donate them to a doctor’s office rather than just throwing them away. My feeling is there is already too much pointless waste in the world today. :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for the heads up @irrational_John, but I went with MS Forms, since it allows a range of option that the forum doesn’t provide, e.g., multiple question, multi- vs single-select, required/optional, themes, images, and result summarization.

The survey is here, and clicking on the image should work as well.


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It has 3 alarms - LOW HIGH and NO Signal

My wife uses it - It is very accurate for her - have not had to ask for a replacement sensor in over a year.

That’s good, is it the Libre 2?

Yes - initially the libre one and then the 2 starting a few months ago

Was very inaccurate when she started about 2 years ago (almost trashed it) but then it started working great

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Hi there you can get the night rider by blucon it fit over your freestyle libre
For way cheaper than decon 6

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I use the Libre 2 and have no skin reactions to it. I had started getting very bad reactions to the Libre 1, but those are gone. It has alarms, but I’ll admit they aren’t gentle. I use vibrate and in the middle of the night it’s alarming! (Yes, pun intended.) The phone app is not yet approved and so it’s unavailable. I assume when it is the levels of alarms will be more refined. The accuracy is generally close enough to good, but there are pops when it’s bad. My primary reason to stick with Libre is how small it is. Good luck!

Many insurance companies will charge Dexcom under durable medical equipment and you will have to meet your deductible before they start paying…that’s the first thing to investigate… the Dexcom g6 would have been about $5000 per year ($2500 deductible), but I had worse ($5000 deductible) insurance in 2018 and it would have been $7500 or so…I didn’t like the libre2 because in order to have the alarms, you have to have the sound on, so in the middle of the night, when you check your glucose, you’ll hear a big loud beep which will wake up your significant other… however, you could possibly try the ambrosia blucon 2 with the u.s.14 day libre as it is supposed to work with apple and apple watches…I doubt the libre 2 will ever work with any smart watch

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How much do you pay out of pocket for your Dexcom?

This probably varies by your insurance plan, if you have one.

Specifically, we pay $15 for each prescription, for the quarterly transmitter and then again for the monthly set of 3 sensors. That is $20 per month. Your experience will vary based on your copay and your deductible.

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I pay 20 percent of transmitters and 20 percent of sensors.

What’s the cost, or at least what they tell you is the cost?

Yes well they are also discounted.
I pay $136US for 9 sensors and a transmitter.

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My Dexcom G6 “plan cost” is $227 per transmitter and $339 for 3 sensors. I pay a 20% copay but usually exceed my OOP max by Sept or Oct. so zero copay towards the end of each year. Add it all up and Dexcom G6 costs me about $83 per month until I hit the zero co pay.

So, for someone without insurance, assuming they paid the same rates, almost $5K.

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You might like to know more about the alarms and alerts on the Dexcom 6: the system is pretty impressive.

There are five alerts and one alarm. The alerts are: Low, HIgh, Rise Rate, Fall Rate, and Signal Loss, and you can turn any of these off if you feel you don’t need them. You can also choose to get beeps and/or vibrations. You can choose the alert sound on your phone, at least. You can set up a schedule for how all these parameters vary at different times of day (!), which I’ve not tried (e.g., you can set your ring tone louder through the night). You can choose how to repeat an alert (how many times, and how soon) if you don’t acknowledge it. And you can set the glucose levels for the first two, at which they happen.

The alarm is for an Urgent Low, and for obvious reasons, you aren’t allowed to shut that one off! :slight_smile:

All in all, the system is well thought out and usable, and is one feature (among many) I really like about the Dexcom.


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