Best chart view EVER!

This weekend I am actually caught up on school work so have some free time. So tonight I spent it figuring out how to import data from EZ Manager into Diabetes Pilot. This software offers WAY more features for data analysis than the Animas software does. I succeeded in getting most of the stuff that I want in there. I just need to find some way of automating the formatting of the Excel files as those took forever. But then again, it was two months’ of data, so if I do this on a weekly basis it won’t be so much work in one go.

I have used Diabetes Pilot before but always by manually entering the data, and therefore have never had so much information to look at in pretty chart formats. So as I was spending time looking at graphs that depress me, like the pie chart showing that only 28% of my readings over the past week were within my 4 - 7 (70 - 130) target range, I somehow stumbled upon this chart:

And I wish I had discovered this chart before, because it made me so happy! It shows my average is definitely decreasing from month to month. The averages on my meter don’t break it down for each month separately and so they all look about the same and don’t look like they’re decreasing, since the 30-day average incorporates readings from the 60-day average into it which raises the former and lowers the latter. But with this chart I can easily see my average is going down each month. So as long as this continues to decrease, I can’t get depressed over an average or A1c. I’m going to see if I can find a weekly version of this chart – that would be even more motivating!