Best... day... evah! brag!

Look at this!


Yes, my upper limit (when the app says my BG is high) is set at 120, low line at 70. And yes, if I were able to function like this all the time, I’d have an a1c of 4.9. Even more exciting is that dinner bump all the way up to, like, 150 for a mere hour – that was two (count em: TWO!) pieces of pizza.

How did I do this? That’s the bad part… I DON’T KNOW!!! The day just worked out that way. Did everything pretty much the same as usual. Just had it dialed in really good, I guess. Anyway, I was thrilled this morning when I saw my last 24 hours.


Nice 24-hour line, Dave. I love it when that happens. I think it’s healthy to take pride in something that is hard to do, requires motivation and persistence, and is good for your health. And there’s not too many places where people understand that accomplishment. It’s good to share here.

Wicked good Dave, wicked good! Now if you can work in some beer with that pizza…

Nice looking graph. Way to go!

Way to go, Bacon Man!