Best EVER a1c

A quickie, since I’m working - Eric’s visit to the endo this a.m. was capped by an a1c of (wait for it…) 7.4. That’s almost a full unit lower than 5 months ago, folks. AND it’s not caused by excessive lows, either. Woot!

Congratulations, Elizabeth! Know that took a lot of work from you.

Awesome work , Mom …hang in .

Wow!! Wonderful and congratulations!

Goosebump city!!!

yes for Eric and his mommy!

Yeah, so of COURSE I ended up having to deal with another bad site last night, BG up to 465 before I was able to change it - so much for resting on my laurels, eh? If I could just get this boy to wiggle a little less, maybe I could keep his sites going longer than 24 hours… But, I’m not complaining, if I can get a 7.4 even WITH all these @#()$*&!! unexpected site failures, that’s not bad.

Double good since the lower A1c wasn’t caused by lows!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! You rock.