Best First Site for a thin 12 year old?

What is the best first site for a thin 12 year old, kennedy has just gotten able to wear her pod on her tummy, very little body fat, should we try de3x first on the tummy?

When my son first started he was very thin and he was able to wear it where his "love handles" would have been if he had any. I just felt for the softest spot I could find and inserted it there. He still only wears it there, but now he's a little older there is a little more to work with . . .

Follow the directions! Abdomen even if it does not look good. I am personally aware of a person who used a device against the manufacturer's directions and their insurance would not cover the overage. Go for the belly!

I suggest you go to the forums at Children with Diabetes. You should be able to get some good answers from parents who have experience with the best sites for children.

The forum dealing with CGMS is here: http://

You might also post your question on the main forum which is Parents of children with Type 1.

My son is 4 and has very limited "real estate"- we started with using the upper buttocks but have switched to using the arms and have found them to be very accurate. My instructor told me as long as you can pinch up, it should work. We have only had one issue where it bled upon insertion and he said it hurt. Have been using the arms for over a year now.