Best health insurance plan for omnipod & dexcom users

I recently got the omnipod and it is extremely expensive with my insurance. I have a $5K deductible and pay $342/month for pods plus all of my other supplies including dexcom, strips, insulin) I live in Michigan (not sure of that matters) but i need some advice on what people use!

Become a police officer or a state worker with a good government plan. I wish I could be more helpful. I’m in MN. Our gov employees have some of the best plans. I’m not sure if its the same in MI. The other option would be to move to MN and be really poor. I know Dex is covered for people with no income health plans here…I cant remember if Omnipod is on the list now.

You should speak to your hr department and see if there are other plans available, however, if there aren’t any, I found the cheapest way is MDI (tresiba, humalog or novo log, fiasp or whatever your insurance will cover with copays) and eversense. Their 6 month will probably be approved soon, so they have a $99 bridge program as long as you have a commercial medical insurance plan (the ridiculous $5k plans are included). My eversense is 60 days in, works excellent. Will vibrate for highs and lows without my phone, works with my android wear watch and so far I’ve paid $99, however, I am planning on paying a max of $250 for the insertion/ removal each time(they try to have the insurance pay with whatever codes are appropriate, but if the insurance company section u’s it, then 250 per signed agreement with the dr), and another $99 for my 2nd sensor… I can also remove it if I’m going in the lake or ocean to be safe…waterproof for 1 meter, and it recharges for 1 year, so you don’t have to mess with transmitters every 3 months

just food for thought… my deduction is $2500, and Dexcom would have exceeded for the first 90 days…

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I have BCBS and it is decent enough with a $2700 deductible. It has an HSA and I hit the deductible from my daughter’s T1D in Feb so now everything is dirt cheap. It helps that I have a Union at work to help us with insurance and I put money weekly into the HSA. Plus the employer puts money in every Jan.

With BCBS currently I have a 80/20 split I pay 20 percent for sensors and pump (omnipod)
I have a 30% coinsurance on insulin and with a manufacture coupon, I get the insulin at about $35 a bottle( last year it was $70 a bottle)
Earlier had another BCBS plan though employer that paid 100% for omnipod
and sensor. Insulin was 40 for 6 vials (90 day supply)

I have found that BCBS tends to be more diabetic friendly. But get the plan numbers and call BCBS to check out the plan with respect to your issues before you commit.