Best MDI/Meter bag

Hi - what is the best bag or kit for holding the diabetic supplies, with pens, needle caps, meter, lancet, strips, reaction tabs, etc.


Without a doubt, the Adorn bags win hands down!

I have and love my Adorn messenger bag, and the little insert that holds a lot and can be bought or carried separately. Under “Resources” above, Adorn is listed under “Member Discounts”. Also the navy blue messenger bag costs less.

Trudy, I have a franklin covey planner that is 8.5 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 2.5 inches deep. Will this fit in the purse portion? That will be a deciding factor to the purchase.


There are two large sections inside the purse part, so no problem, also another space not as wide but would hold something like a notebook. It’s all very well padded, in fact sometimes I wish there were a lighter weight version since this one is quite heavy. Still there is a great deal of space, with a zippered part inside for a wallet or whatever, and some slots in front for pens, notes, etc.

Thanks a bunch!