Best news in years

I was dreading visitng the diabetec doctor for my 4 monthly checkup,my meter readings were giving me an average of 8.9 over this period and for some time the 6th of may to be precise my readings had been constantly above 9 or even higher, on the 6th of may I had steroid injections in both shoulders to try and ease the constant aching and pain it had got so bad I could no longer get in and out of the bath by myself this can be embarrasing to say the least.

After the injections the aching calmed down and I thought in time the pain would go but the aching and pain is now back with a vengence even my ankles and legs are affected now I have to hobble up and down the stairs and am finding sleeping very hard, I mentioned these aches and pains to my diabetec doctor and asked if hte statins were responsible be said they might be but it is more likely to be arthritis than the statins.

I only know it is getting very difficult to even walk on my legs and lifting causes me a lot of pain in my shoulders and arms,leaving this aside for a while over the 4 month period I have lost over half a stone, and here i was thinking the victoza was not working, being a worrier does not help my diabetes stress should be left as far away as posssible and taking 8 pain killers a day co-dydramol 10/500mg tablets I am sure is not helping the cause.

So here I am arranging for more blood tests and another visit to my own GP general practisioner sorry about any spelling mistakes the only cheerful thing at the moment is sitting here listening to OLD HARRYS GAME by Andy Hamilton.

Why my nano blood testing machine is giving me higher readings than blood tests done by the nurse is puzzling,if I an afford a new machine I will get one but being on a fixed income incapacity benefit does not give me a lot of spare cash to throw about.

My next appointment to see the diabetec specialist in 4months time have up keep up the good work his words not mine and hope for more weight lose and blood sugars below 7.