Best pump for swimmer

Hello I am new to this group. My 9 year old daughter was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last week. She is a competative swimmer. My question is does anyone have any advice as to what pump would work best for a child that is in the water for an hour and a half 5 days a week?

Hi Shandy, I’m from Florida and when I was looking at pumping that was one of my main concerns- a waterproof pump! I ended up going with Animas, they guarantee that their pump is waterproof for 24 hours at a depth of 12 feet. I’ve worn my pump in the ocean and the pool without any problems. They’re great for customer service and I really researched my pump prior to getting it. I hope this helps in your decision!


I have the Omnipod also. I’ve been in the water countless number of times. It worked GREAT in Mexico. I fish alot and it will usually rain while out there. Have never had a problem.