Best Pump

I plan on getting an insulin pump within the next few months. But are there any small ones that are un-noticeable where people don’t notice you have one? I want a little bitty one that of course alerts me when I’m low. Sometimes I do not feel when I’m a 40. And unfortunately that happens alot while driving.

Here are a couple of websites that might help you. Also, search the forums for the terms “best insulin pump” and you’ll get lots of discussions that have taken place in the past.

Hello Connie:

That is NOT a pump issue, but an easy if annoying TESTING issue!!!

TEST before driving, and the danger of a low goes bye-bye! Cut back on the insulin, for 72 hours or more let yourself run a little higher and do not permit a single low in that time. The body “reboots” the symptoms. (eg B.G.A.T. Blood Glucose Awareness Training by COX out of UVA originally) The problem described occurs because the body has gotten acclimated used to your average BG being too low for any symptoms/bodily alarms to go off.

Think of it like an commercial airpliner, flying 100 feet off the ground! IT won’t have time to warn/tell you that you are too low before you’ve already crashed. Same-same. So cut back on that insulin a bit…

As for noticable, a pump, no pump is bigger than any cell phone, the only time it will get tricky is if you are in a bathing suit, or a formal gown, but in either case its relatively easy to obscure, if you wish

No pump does BG testing they are mutually exclusive devices. Some integrate with a CGM but most do not as yet anyway not seamlessly, one machine talking to the other kind of deal… (eg cut off her insulin shes crashing, cut off her insulin shes crashing) I could be mistaken on that I defer to more experienced pump folks for that one. But most folks wearing one I do not belive have the CGM too, wish for one yes, possess one, no! Those who have both, do not interact as one unified machine/system.


Thanks John Smith for that link. I see the Insulet OmniPod is tiny. I’m definately going to look into that one.