Best Thanksgiving/Worst Day After

Hey everyone! How was your Thanksgiving?? Mine was great! The day after…Not so much. Lets start with Thanksgiving day. Im an Indian/Greek girl, the Indian comes from my dad, the Greek from my mom. We did Thanksgiving dinner with my dads side of the family. So instead of having the usual mac and cheese, greenbean casserole, and all that American stuff, we had Indian food. I even got to help make it! Aunt Esther helped me make the roti. Anyway, we went to my Aunt Pearlyns house. It was going to be the first time we were all together for the first time in a VERY long time. But Uncle David had to stay home and work on a car. Well, that freaked me out because Uncle Davids daughter is Asha, my oldest cousin…and my favorite. Shes 22, and has a 1 year old daughter. So the night before Thanksgiving, everyone was talking about how Uncle David had to stay behind. Then I finally worked up the nerve to ask if Asha was still comming. Aunt Pearlyn said probably not. It was going to be the first time Ive seen Asha in 5 or 6 years and someone says shes not comming. I hid in the boys room (and yes I did cry), but when I came out, I saw more family members one by one. First Papa, then Mema, then Andrew, then Shaina, Deanna, Aunt Esther, Uncle Bill, Asha’s baby Denise, then I finally saw Asha. Imagine that! Against all odds, Asha found a way to get here. Apparently she rode with my Papa and Mema. I stood in front of her and she smiled at me. I hugged her and never wanted to let go. lol, but I had to so she could go get Denise before she got into everything. I stayed with her til bed time, which was like 2 AM lol. since I was getting dressed while Aunt Pearlyn was deciding who would sleep where in the bonus room (aka the girls room where all 5 of my girl cousins plus me slept) I didnt get a bed. there was a queen sized mattress with Krista and Patricia on it, an air mattress with Shaina and Deanna on it, and the couch with Asha. So I came into the room and had no place to sleep. Aunt Pearlyn says its cuz I never make myself known. Asha was like “Its ok aunt Pearlyn, she can just sleep on the couch with me.” So I did. Thanksgiving day I still stayed near Asha almost all day. I loved it because my other cousins werent paying attention to me but when I wanted attention from Asha, all I had to to was walk up to her and barley nudge her. She’d put her arm around me and talk to me. Thats what made it the best Thanksgiving. The day after, I found out my best friends grandma was rly sick. What made it worse was I grew up with my best friend. Our parents met when I was a month old and she was 2 months old. So yeah, it was really hard. plus Asha wasnt supposed to leave til sunday, but she had to leave the day after Thanksgiving because my Papa forgot his meds. Not a very good day after Thanksgiving.
Be praying for my best friend!