Best way to waterproof pdm

What's the best way to waterproof the pdm¿????? A zipplock bag or one those diver bags any thoughts

although I haven't had need for it yet I have bought a drycase it has a closure and then you suck the air out of it with a squeeze bulb

This is a useless reply but I've done some research and know that there appear to be waterproof arm band type of waterproof cases. I communicated with another woman who was a windsurfer that had found something that works in water. I'll try to track down the reference.

the dry case that I have has an arm band it also has an earphone pigtail in it so you could use it with an mp3 player as well if you are interested

I use a Pelican case, model 1010, for whitewater rafting. It is just big enough for my pdm and dexcom to sit on top of each other in their "skins", which keep them from rattling around. It fits in a chest pocket on my life jacket, but I usually just attach it securely to the boat. It also has a lanyard you could use to attach to you as well. I don't think I'd use it for diving or anything, but very waterproof for near-surface immersion and splashes.

If i’m going kayaking I use a pelican case (which is big enough for my phone too). If i’m going biking or running in the rain then I just use a freezer ziplock bag.

The ziplock bag allows you to still press the button to give boluses if needed (have done that backpacking since we eat lunch during a rain storm and didn’t have camp set up yet). Wish there was a better way to test in the rain...but since the strips can’t get wet I’m sure that won’t be a possibility.