Better Betics pact!

Hey guys. I decided to just post a short one tonight.

The last two days (actually... today more than friday) was rough. I went to Penn State University to audition for their musical theatre department... Friday all of my blood sugars were really great... Today though, I was high pretty much all day... Also during the audition, the battery in my pump died, and I couldn't get a new one until after... However; my BG is now back in order, and I feel so much better!!

So, I've noticed this before... But I get very self conscience about my diabetes... I don't like testing in public, and I don't like having my pump hanging out. It draws attention. It was even worse when I was on shots (I'd NEVER do a shot in public, ever.) Anyways... Part of the reason I got high today was due to the fact that I wouldn't test around all the other auditionees. Does anyone else ever feel that way too?

I guess it's just something I'm going to have to get over... Maybe that will be one of my main focuses of this pact.

Also, Martha joined the site!!! ( So she's going to be posting on her on now also! Check her out too :)

Anyways. I'm getting myself back on track.. I really hope this week will be a good one. Check back here to see how things go.

On a side note. I've been tweeting about the pact, so far only a few... But if you check out my Twitter ( you'll be able to follow it. (I update my twitter way more often than this) Or you can search "#betterbetic" in the trending topics.

Okay, I'm going to test, talk to Martha, and go to sleep.

Good BGs to you all!

--Andrew G

haha YOU being SHY!!! never thought it possible! but i can understand your position on the testing in public… shots in public are like a definite way of attracting negative attention. But I’m sure we’ll pull our bad few days back together and make this work.

I used to feel that way all the time in high school - I routinely skipped my lunch blood sugar check! As I got older I realized that:
#1 - I had to get over it
#2 - No one is paying that close attention anyway. A BG check takes, what? 15 seconds - just do it - fewer people are watching than you think. Most people are concerned with themselves…especially at an audition!!!
Keeping working and you will reach your goal.

Good luck getting into Penn State. My daughter went there (only for one year), but she had such a good time, she still goes back to see friends.

I used to be very self concious about testing and taking shots in public. In restaurants, I used to go hide in the mens room. Then I got over it. I got pretty good at being discrete at a table, plus I realized the mens room wasn’t the most sanitary place to be poking a hole in my finger and my gut! Now that I am pumping, bolusing is a non-event. Most people think that my PDM is either a Blackberry or a cell phone.

I have an advantage of be alot older and not really caring what people think any more. If they don’t like it, that’s their problem. Last fall I even changed pods twice during breaks in a class I was teaching. I doubt I would have been comfortable changing pods in public at your age and maybe not even testing and bolusing.

The next time you have to change batteries in public, you might try sitting away from other people and sticking some earbuds in, even if you are not listening to anything. Anyone who glances your way will think think you are changing the batteries in an M3P player. Oh wait, am I way out of touch with technology? Do M3P players have batteries that need changing, or are they rechargable like iPods?


Hi Andrew. I just read up on your pact and I think that is fantastic. What a great idea to have you and Martha support each other to become “better diabetics”, as you put it.

I do not have diabetes. My 7 year old son does. I know that I have a very different perspective about being self conscious about diabetes care because I am the mom of a PWD, not a teenager living with it. I can tell you that I personally have no hesitation whatsoever about public bg tests, injections or anything else. But I’m a mom, and it’s my job to take care of Caleb.
I know that there are times, usually in school, that Caleb feels uncomfortable - it is usually if he has to eat something to treat a low because he doesn’t want the other kids to feel left out. I don’t think he has become uncomfortable with checking his sugar or bolusing or anything like that - yet. I try to instill in Caleb that he should be proud to do these things. When he does these things he is being responsible and taking care of himself. Caleb and I have never received anything but praise and encouragement from others.
The bottom line is, there simply is nothing to be embarrassed about and others will take the queue from you. If you are confident and you don’t make a big deal out of it, most other people won’t either.
Well, that’s my little ol’ perspective. I know that hearing from others who are like you will be more valuable than hearing from a mom. But I hope there are other teens out there that will echo something similar to the above. PS: I’m following you on Twitter now. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the pact! :wink:

Andrew…I visited Penn State several times during the last academic year. I work in higher education and was there to see some of their programs. I found the school to be just great…academically, socially, certainly athletically. It’s a great place. Each time I visited I couldn’t help but think how much I would have enjoyed being there to study. Hope it all works out for you. Take care. PS - did you visit their dairy bar? They have the best ice cream in the world. —Anthony