Better morning fasted blood sugar and sleep

Hi everyone! I haven’t been here in a while, but i wanted to share some recent successes I’ve had. just as a background, i was diagnosed as pre diabetic before, but have been controlling it with diet/exercise. i have two diabetic parents- both with different manifestations of type 2. my mother was totally insulin dependent.

the methods i use may seem a little weird, but if you want, you can try them (no supplements involved) for about $10 (you can buy blue blocker uvex glasses off of amazon for that price). the only risk is if you see a big drop in blood sugar and you are not prepared for it; ie hypo risk. i have been on this site for a while, so people who have also been on this site for a while know i am not coo coo. if you want to read about what i did, go to this link-

i hope my good results will continue and might help someone else!!

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Your article is a bit confusing. Are you wearing blu blockers but not wearing other glasses? You also seemed to say you stopped wearing glasses and hats outside. Are you sleeping in a cool room?

yes, i sleep in a cool room. if the temperature in the house is set to anything above 68 F at night, i might be cool at the beginning of the night, but by the middle of the night, i will be too hot. 65 F is better. Uvex blue blockers can be worn over glasses. i put them on over my glasses when the sun sets. since my home has lots of led light which i believe lowers my melatonin levels, i don’t only protect my eyes from that light. i also try to cover up other skin surfaces. that’s why i wear a visor and a hoodie indoors when the sun sets. i’m hoping someone with a cgm on this site (with an alert system if blood sugar drops too low) will do a simple experiment for one night. find the circuit breaker in your bedroom and turn it off. just see if that one action affects your blood sugar. anyone interested?

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if someone tries the experiment of turning off your bedroom circuit breaker for a night and they don’t see any relative changes in their CGM data compared to most nights, that would be nice to know too. i find that even though my morning fasted blood sugar is way better, i still have blood sugar spikes if i carbs

Such a bogus hypothesis. For ONE thing, the study was conducted on just FOUR people. Sigh. that’s not a “study”.

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it’s easy to test on yourself. I don’t think it’s scary to turn off the circuit breaker to your bedroom for one night. I’m not handy and I did it. plus with the other lifestyle changes I’ve made my quality of life is much better.

I sleep or try to sleep in a cooler room with the humidifier which is supposed to be good for bone growth. I don’t think I could wear sunglasses in the house because it’s already hard for Me to wear my regular glasses. I often wear the sunglasses outside though because I’m sensitive to light. That is interesting that you noticed it lower your fasting bg. I’m not sure why you have to turn your circuit breaker off though? Why not just keep the lights off? My phone and iPad are set to go to yellow light in the nighttime hours. I am very nocturnal now though and I don’t see any hope of becoming less nocturnal now- I have been that way for years. My blood sugar crashes if I get up too early in the morning so I don’t see any way around this although I need to get back to an earlier schedule next

  • I realize now you’re talking about electrical currents. I think that is too much for me. A bit woo woo :joy_cat:
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