Beware the BD

If anyone out there uses the BD Nova Max blood glucose meter then make sure you calibrate it by getting simultaneous results from another meter! I have found that it consistently reads at least twenty points higher than the OneTouch. I have seen differences up to 57 points.

I am talking about when it counts, like the difference between 59 and 84.:slight_smile: I don’t have to tell any of you other control freaks the different response we would have to those two results.

I have also had a 20+ higher reading with my Accu-Check Aviva. I went for fasting blood test and Dr called to say the lab reported 47 …my meter reported 61. At my recent endo appt. they did a check with a one touch Ultra II and got an 89…I checked with my accu check and got a 111~ so now I’m back using the one touch; I feel it’s more accurate. I know the 20 pts +/- are supposed to be normal but it sure helps to know when or if the meter is off. I wonder how many ties I gae a correction bolus when I really didn’t need to or how many times I should have been taking glucose tabs for a low but didn’t…Maybe that’s why the ADA recommends 100-180 (?)

I quit using the BD Nova Max cause of unaccurate readings. I use the one touch ultra link and I am within 10 points of my dr’s office when I have labs drawn.

Yeah, I used that meter for four years. Hated it, but it was the only that connected to my pump via RF at the time.