Beyond 1

Is anyone else having problems with getting to the login screen? Got some reason it’s still on the loading and won’t go anywhere else…I’ve deleted and downloaded the app again, rebooted my phone…I’m on an iPhone and it worked before…help? Ty!

Are you looking for the Beyond Type 1 website?

the app…i can sign into the website?

Sorry @Amy2. I misunderstood you. I don’t have any experience with the Beyond Type 1 app.

Maybe @Mila could help direct you.

that would be good. it just keeps loading and not going anywhere

Hola @Amy2,

You are trying to log in or register on the Beyond Type 1 app? Can you please explain what issue are you having?

Logging in…it won’t go to the login page…it just sits there waiting to go to the next thing

Can you please email ?

They will help you figure out what is going on.

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sure! thanks :slight_smile: