BG Averages Meter vs. CGMS

I use the Medtronic CGMS and I regularly upload my data to CareLink. Several times a week I will examine my data that has been collected to see where I can improve. Currently that would be around 10 pm at night when my BG seems to always be going up!

Many people have written about the pros and cons of meters and which is more accurate when compared to CGMS. While examining my data I found this to be very interesting. I ran a report that covers 8 weeks. The meter average BG was 129 and the CGMS was 123 a difference of only 6 points. Over those 8 weeks I used the meter 323 times vs. CGMS 13,569. Daily average was 5.8 sticks vs. CGMS 266.1. As I mentioned this was for 8 weeks, then I ran a report for 12 weeks and this is the data that was recorded. Meter 132, CGMS 124, 523–8 points different, meter sticks vs. 19,729 CGMS, 6.2 sticks a day vs. CGMS 266.6.

While using CGMS, it does a fairly good job at the current moment but when looking over a long period of time I would say that it is even more accurate and really can show trends and where improvement may be needed.

I would be curious to see if others who use CGMS are finding similar results to what I have found. In fact my last A1c was 6.0 which correlates to a average daily BG of 124, this matches the CGMS almost perfectly. Looking forward to other peoples experiences.