BG logs and laziness

I have a freestyle lite.

I have a computer that is running Windows 7.

Apparently, there is some software that you can install on your computer that downloads the info from the freestyle meter if you buy the right cable, but the software doesn't run on windows 7.

I've been lazy about writing down my BG numbers, since about August when I had my last doctor's appt. The reason is, the doctor didn't even look at my records--just at the A1C number. It's not that I don't test--I test several times a day, and react accordingly by adjusting what and when I eat and when I exercise, but the writing down thing just seemed extraneous. People with more experience being diabetic than I have: is this not-writing-down thing going to come back and bite me in some way?

Personally I don’t bother writing. That’s too much effort for me, and would make me really crabby. I just try to note things mentally on a day to day basis, then try changing something I did for the next day (ex: repeating the food and changing dose, or time of dose, style of dose (dual or normal), etc). Doesn’t mean I don’t test; about 15 times daily, actually. :slight_smile:

I find writing down my numbers makes it easier to spot trends and take action. I find my memory is sometimes inaccurate ie I’ve really been doing better or worse than my memory says.

I also download onto my computer. It creates charts and tables that make it easier to spot trends. It makes it painless to compare how you did the last month with 6 months ago.

When you go see your doc you can give him some nice easy to read printouts that may increase the chance he actually looks at your test results.

There have been some good discussions lately in the “Geeks with Diabetes” and “Wavesense Users” groups on getting software to run on Windows 7 especially the 64 bit version. You might also find something in the user group for your meter.