BG or A1c Vs Insulin Usage

I must have been Board last night, Tried to do this but have failed so far.

Has anyone ever tried to correlate Insulin Usage( u/Day ) to BG or A1c Values ?

All things being equal, more insulin used will result in lower BGs.

However, I know I see trends in insulin sensitivity according to my activity level. I know I see trends in insulin levels according to what I'm eating. Hopefully, I'm maintaining a steady BG through all the chnges, up or down, in insulin dosage. So, hopefully, I should not see a correlation between insulin dose and BG level/A1c.

If I'm not making the correct adjustments, I'm not sure what a correlation would look like.

In general I find my days of the most units per day are when I am eating a lot (like a holiday) and when I am running high and using big correction boluses. My low units per day are often due to lack of correction boluses and I am flatlining.

People with better control tend to need less insulin, although other things are bigger factors.

Basically, high blood sugar causes insulin resistance, which is a vicious cycle if you only adjust your insulin dosages occasionally.

I'm w/ Capin, I usually have my ratios and rates set fairly close to where they are and adjust them if they aren't. If my TDD goes up, I'm eating a lot. Sometimes when I eat a lot I'll run pretty low too, as I can be inclined to overestimate carbs in things like bacon cheeseburgers or Mexican food, and then crash out afterwards but it's probably not that far off from business as usual? The thing is, if your "sensitivity" is 40 mg/dl/U (if that's the right way of expressing it?), and you are off a little bit, the +/- factor can be pretty significant pretty quickly and throw you off?