BG over 600 - Ideas

My son is 11, diagnosed at 9. He has been on the pump a year and we love it. He has so much freedom. This morning (2:00am here) he woke up super thirsty and is over 600. He has never been sick with or with out type 1 - We boliced to correct the high and he is back in bed. IDEAS???

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If George’s pump is working okay and there is no occlusion or kinked cannula, etc. then he could have an infection but may not have symptoms of it yet. Of course, having high blood sugar can be a symptom of an infection. Or perhaps he ate something that was high in carbs and forgot to bolus for it or did not bolus enough Insulin.

I do hope that his sugars are soon back in the Good range and that he will be feeling Well again.

This is a very high number. Did you check for ketones? Does he have nausea?

I would also double-check the reading by using a different meter.

I would change the infusion set, cartridge (resevoir) - everything new, including a new bottle of insulin

Please let us know how he is doing today. We care about each member of the community here.

Thanks to Terrie8 and Marie B. Great ideas. I changed everything. He went down to 548 three hours ago and is now 325. Thank goodness for the meters! He is still not hungry and drinking a little but not like a crazy kid last night. No ketones. He seems to go high (300’s) at the end of the insulin in his pump so now we are changing it when he is at 50 units and not 10. I am so grateful for your ideas and help. U Rock!!!

you’re welcome. oh, and I always forget this when I’m high - continue to drink plenty of water.

Thanks again. He has a fun giant cup he got at a local amusement park. He loves the water in that silly cup. Enjoy your day and know you are appreciated!