BG Record

Just for fun, lets see who will hold the record for the Lowest and the Highest Blood Glucose reading.

Number and for how long until some one else break it

Mine was 69

So am holding the Low of 69

Low: Al 59 11:30 pm 5/6/09
High: Marina 411 10:00 pm Wednesday 5/6

Past records:
Al 311 for 1 hour
Robyn 165 For one day

Rules: the reading should be for your most recent test

165 at 7:30 am today

311 at 10pm on Wednesday May 6th

May 6th- 411 5:45 (damn Dreamfields and their “5 digestible carbs” pasta!)


I’ve had no luck with Dreamfields either! Five carbs–ha!

59 at 11:30 pm 5/6

525 35

I think I got a 7 on a One Touch Ultra Smart meter before? I could barely walk but could still test. Of course, that'd be +/- 20%...