Big Bang Theory

nope. I just recognize this is a show for enjoyment, not to educate. They are not spending big bucks and time on fact checking because they are not the Encyclopædia Britannica. Here is another faux pas that got people talking:

Okay, saw it. My take on the insulin pump plot device: It was not offensive to me. As someone else mentioned in this thread, it's a sitcom; they're not focused on educating, they're focused on making people laugh. As such, all sorts of sacred cows get skewered all the time.

While I completely understand the reasoning behind offense at the "fat diabetic" joke, it was completely offset by the reaction of the interviewer. IOW, when the joke was "complete", we were left with the moral lesson that what Penny said was not right, hence her cringe, and redirection to her whole "people, people people" distraction (you have to see the episode to understand the reference).

In short, I laughed, and didn't find it any more offensive than all the other offenses committed constantly against <pick your group> in that show.

I think Cheesecake Factory was the butt of the joke and the pump part was just to drive the point home.

My daughter (now a high school junior!) insists that all foreign visitors have to be taken to the Cheesecake Factory. Pretty much the same as my inlaws insisted 20 years ago. My wife and I both actually love good cheesecake, and yet we hate the Cheesecake Factory!