Big, Big, BIG news!

So, big news I am now the owner of a brand new paradigm 712 :slight_smile: (there’s a pic of it in my photos)
I’m pretty excited about it, the story of how i received this pump is kind of complicated.
Basically, it was donated to me by the girlfriend of a friend’s brother, told it was complicated haha.
To make a long story short she had heard i was in need and told me that her parents had bought her a back up pump that she had never used, she asked them if they cared if she gave it to me, they said of course not,do it and three days later it arrived at my doorstep, that same day a friend of mine was in town and came to my door looking very worn down and washed out and asked if i had any humalog because he couldnt get any from the clinic, i gave him two bottles and a pack of syringes, pay it forward as it were.
Soooo that same day i got the news that I’ll be moving to michigan in january to start law school!
So yeah been a crazy week.
Hope everyone is doing well :slight_smile:

Good luck with the pump! Take the time to test your basals and boluses. It’s a pain, but the pump will let you calibrate very precisely to help smooth out those bumpy numbas.

What a freaking week! You’re a lucky guy…don’t stop paying it forward!

Congrads…on your new pump and heading off to law school! I too was the lucky recipient of a act of kindness…my pal was from Texas and she gave me her 1yr old 522 and CGMS because she started on the Omnipod:) I in turn, gave up my older pump reservoirs, etc. to someone here in St. Louis who needed to start on a pump. Simple acts can make such a difference:) Take care, my friend…be happy and healthy!

Congratulations on the new pump and be accepted to law school. Two very huge things. Just awesome that you were able to pay it forward for a friend. That is the way it should always be. Keep us posted on how the pumping is going once you get into it.

Congrats! Good luck with the pump. It must feel good to have been able to pass on your extra supplies and help your friend.

Free pump…sweet!!!

Wow … congrats on both news items!!