Big Blue Test Data

Last fall many of you participated in the Big Blue Test by testing your blood glucose, getting active for more than fourteen minutes, testing your glucose again and then sharing your results with us. We’ve been playing with all of the data you’ve shared with us and wanted to share some of the numbers with you.

Thanks for posting this data analysis. The graphic presentation is attractive and easy to digest. I seems there's a "sweet spot" for BG drops in the 20-30 minute activity duration. Also, while I like to walk, perhaps I need to consider more aggressive activity if I want a greater drop.

You should dance!!!!

WOOT!! A Big Blue Test infographic!!

I would, but my two left feet get all tangled!

Beautiful infographic, Mike!!!

Great Job, Mike!
I already saw it shared on facebook on various diabetic pages, now i have a reason to dance even more ;)

Fantabulous graphic, Mike. Thank you muchly!!!...Judith in Portland....