Big Blue Test

Ok, here I am in my new blue tee shirt and jeans, have just done the
Test, but it is really weird. 5.9, I then spent at least an hour weeding, spreading two bags of mulch, watering it in, sweeping up, watering plants, moving the sprinkler around the back garden as it is my one watering day of the week, pruning a hedge, playing ball with my dog in the park, showering. Then I test and it is 8.5 - what gives? Is my body crazy or what?

I guess you have more time to wait for the big blue day, I live downunder, or upover whichever way you like to look at it. Australia, the country of green and gold.

Ugh! I have gone up after exercise too. Oh well- I guess it shows how unpredictable and temperamental your bg can be. So maybe that’s a good thing to make people aware of on World D Day!
I was excited to see the first person who had done the big blue test this year. :slight_smile: I hope life is good down under!!

Same for me too PastelPainter! Good BG before exercising - then poof! - it’s up. Something about our kidneys or something releasing glucose due to fueling the muscles and yadda, yadda, yadda. I’m sure someone with more medical/technical background will be able to word it better then I have here. Personally I’d rather be at 8.5 then say 4.0 after exercising (anything under 3.0 for me is time to take care of that hypo).

We’re getting some hot weather and the bbq season is with us again. Life is good, can eat lots of salads without feeling guilty or shivery.

Really strenuous activity sends me high (T1) & then low hours later. Moderate exercise keeps me level or lowers BG.

Higher BG is from cortisol hormones (adrenaline) releasing glucagon from the liver during physical stress, like exercise.