Big League Chew Bubble Gum

Found a food/snack I can cross off my list…well maybe not cross off, but definitely limit my consumption of - Big League Chew Bubble Gum! Go Figure! One of my favorite gums. Apparently, this was the first time having some since I’ve been diagnosed. So the pack says “8 strands = 2 carbs”… 8 strands is not enough to consider it bubble gum… more like tooth-hole fillers. ;o) HA! Anyways… I’ll be watching my consumption/chewing of the Big League unless it’s added into my meal carb amount.
As always, Take Care and Thanks for Listening. :slight_smile:
Update on the water drinking later!

Do they make sugarfree Big League Chew? If not, they should!

I haven’t had that stuff in a long time…

I don’t think that they do… it’s hard enough to find the original gum. I usually find them at gas stations or softball games.

cmon Big Leage Chew…8 strands?..i remember trying to fit the whole package in my mouth during little league. Coach was not amused.

EXACTLY!! lol!