Bike rack? Need opinions

I already know what type of rack I’m looking for…a hitch mounted carrier. A swing away would be nice. It needs to carry a max of 2-3 bikes. I also want to move it from vehicle to vehicle. My husband is an excellent welder and installs hitches, builds trailers, etc. So that helps with expense and installation.

Does anyone have any opinions on the different brands and models available that meet this criteria? All replies are greatly appreciated!!

I use a Thule 2 bike 2…I have a 2" hitch, but they make it for 1 1/4" as well. It folds upward when not in use and can also ‘drop’ out of the way to open a rear hatch style door (it clears with bikes on it too, in my experience). Here’s a link:
It’s super easy to use and fits all of my bikes easily (mountain,road,TT) However, it is not made for deep profile aero wheels–I have a set of cosmic carbones that have a deep carbon fairing, and the clamp system for the back wheel does not work well with it.
You can purchase locks specific to the Thule carrier, or you can buy some cable and a padlock and attach it through the bikes’ frames and wheels down to the hitch area on the vehicle (if you’re worried about security).
There are less expensive options out there but I really enjoy the rack’s ease of use and quality construction.

I forgot to mention this carrier comes w/ room for 2 bikes but you can add more of the cross members to hold up to 4 bikes if you alternate them right.

Thanks for the insight. More $$ than I had hoped to spend but I also know you get what you pay for. I’ve looked up the dealers in my area and will start making some calls. Thanks again!

I like Thule, but my neighbor had one that had a bolt snap in transit and they lost all 3 bikes that were mounted to it due to damage. They had to limp home with the whole rack tied to the back of the car.

I really love the Thule model that you stand the bikes in. Really convenient for those who don’t want to lift and hang the bikes. Also convenient for “womens” style bikes or non-conventional shaped frames. About $300.

I personally use a $50 one from the local sports store. Not a Thule, but it works.

have your husband look at a thuel and then build you one. they are not that complecated.

Thanks for the comments and opinions. I like the idea of hubby building one modeled after the Thule. Best of both worlds. Thanks again!

If you’re husband can fabricate something that would be great! Good luck and drop us some pics after you’ve got something built if you get the chance!