Bike shorts and hygiene

I am a keen cyclist and doing lots of cycling on my turbo trainer as the weather is rubbish here. I have a persistent lump that comes up in my groin which I think is from a blocked hair follicle which might have been irritated by the occasional high BG and training in a warm environment. I use surgical scrub straight after my training but it is a real pain. Any advice? Ladies would any of you recommend waxing?

I don't think waxing would benefit things, because if the pore tends to get blocked then it would also tend to become an ingrown hair (which can, again, cause a blocked pore).

I had a blocked pore that became an infected follicle once, and the only thing that got rid of it was soaking in hot water and drying off (but not allowing any time for skin to dry out) then, sorry for the image, popping it like a pimple. It hadn't really felt like there was any fluidy stuff in there, but it turned out there was. A lot. It didn't feel good either, I must admit. (Some doctors will take care of this for you, by the way, which might be more physically comfortable. Your best bet would be a dermatologist.)

Hi there, thanks for that, I know it is an awkward subject! When it happened before, I ended up taking 2 weeks of antibiotics which didn't make a huge difference. However, I am getting fed up of surgical scrub and nappy cream so it might be time to get to the Dr!

for 18 months, I had pain in my groin. At times, I would feel a tiny lump. Two drs just blew it off and said they couldn't feel anything. The elastic of underwear made it very painful. Finally the 3rd dr told me it was a lymph node and i needed to see a surgeon and have the lump removed to make sure it wasn't cancerous. Turns out there was a clump of lymph nodes that was causing the pain. Had it removed and no more problems. The pathology was negative.

I would go to the dr to make sure it is just a blocked hair follicle and nothing more.

Like jwinc said, you might check with a physician to make sure it's not something more, but at first glance your description sounds like a blocked follicle.

First, make sure you're always using clean bibs (or cycling shorts)for every ride. Always clean really well post-ride as well (which it sounds like you're doing). Additionally you could try the addition of chamois cream (helps reduce friction that may be causing the issue on longer rides).

There are several different chamois creams you could try. There's are two (that I know of) that are specifically made for women. One called Hoo Ha Ride Glide and another one called Bliss.
There are always the traditional chamois creams as well (b/c I'm not really sure what the difference in ingredients is for a women's specific design, and I know those others work well because I use them).

There is a drawing salve called PRID, have you tried this?

+1 on the chamois cream and reminder that bike shorts are to be worn commando (i.e no underwear)

Thanks. I didn't know that.

Thanks for that, I've just ordered some!

Claireduncan1~ did you go to the Dr and what did you find out? Are things better?