Biker...not a cyclist YET

You all are my role models…
One day I hope to consider myself a cyclist…for now I am simply a biker. Rediscovered my 12 year-old mountain bike 3 months ago with my dx and I’ve lost about 30 lbs with it…I love it! I ride everyday and sometimes to and from work (about 45 minutes each way). I don’t really care for riding to work…in a professional office…there is nowhere to really clean up. I ride mainly on the street and believe I work harder on the mountain bike than I would on a road bike. Is my assumption incorrect?

So another 10 lbs and I am buying a new hybrid bike!

Hybrid would be the way to go! Road bikes have the least amount of drag but can be less comfortable than a hybrid. My advice, try riding both at your local shop! :slight_smile:

P.S. You ride a bike, therefore you are a cyclist. You don’t have to ride a bike really fast to consider yourself a cyclist. Welcome to the group! :wink:

I like my hybrid a lot… prior to buying mine, I rode my DH’s department store mountain bike a couple of times before firmly deciding I needed my “own” bike that fit correctly (his is really too big - even for him!) and wasn’t so heavy, and it’s a totally different experience on the hybrid… I can ride faster, further, and more comfortably than I really expected… to say I was surprised at the difference, is an understatement… every time my DH has to even move my bike he comments at how light it feels, and it’s really not even that light in the grand scheme of things :slight_smile:

There’s a lingering part of me that wonders if I wouldn’t have been happier with a road bike, but for now, I think the hybrid is really more suited for me and the kind of riding I’m currently doing… as my distance and endurance increases, I’ll probably upgrade to a road bike next year.