Binge triggers

I hate lows. They are a huge binge trigger. What do you do while waiting to start feeling better?

Hi there :)

Lows are definitely a great binge trigger, especially at night for me. Things were even worse when I had my eating disorder. I would use the opportunity that I don't think straight and eat many times more than I should have done, mainly sweets. What I find helpful and works for me now is I always have sweets next to my bed and some chewing gum. Thus I just eat 3 sweets and have the gum to protect my teeth after and don't have to get out of bed.This helps prevent me from going to the kitchen :)
During the day I usually just eat 3 sweets or other fast carbs (12g) and then an apple or sth small if I won't eat after. Meanwhile if I feel shaky I just stop doing anything else, sit down and relax. After 5-10 mins I am usually fine. It sometimes feels frustrating, cause I have to be late for work/uni or stop doing something important, but it's the safest thing to do and I would not be productive if I carried on at that point. I try to just enjoy that moment of rest, just look at the scenery and not get into panicky thoughts.