Bipolar disorder and Type 1 diabetes

I’m wondering does anyone else have bipolar disorder and Type 1 diabetes? Have you had problems managing your diabetes and bipolar disorder? Have they put you on atypical antipsychotics?

I’m wondering this because I was diagnosed January 2007 with bipolar disorder and some other mental health problems. I have been put on Geodon and taken off due to affect on my diabetes, Abilify and taken off with same problem, Seroquel which I’m still on but having same problem but not as bad, and finally tried Zyprexa for two days and same problems but severe like Abilify. Basically I’ve been told my by psychiatrist that he’s running out of options. Not something I want to hear. My other problem that has caused a major problem for me is because of the affect that the atypical antipsychotics have had on me I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in July of this year. Not something I want and not something I was expecting at age of 24.


i am type 1 and bipolar i take zoloft they had to increase it for my diabetes and it works great for me i also take trazadone for sleep.

Antidepressants like Zoloft cause me to rapid cycle. Oh guess I should explain. The have typed me as Bipolar NOS. I have ultra rapid cycling which tends to get set off by antidepressants and some mood stablizers like lithium or depakote, neither of which I am able to take.


When I was diagnosed as bipolar about a year ago, I was already taking Effexor for depression. My doctor added Lamictal and the combo has worked worked well for me…although I am ready to come off the Effexor, but getting some push back from my doc. The good thing about Lamictal is that it is now available as a generic, which is fantasic when it comes to cost! Hope this helps…

I am not bipolar but do suffer from severe major depression disorder. I take Effexor and Wellbutrin for the depression as well as Risperdal for the hallucinations I sometimes get. The only side effect with my type 1 is that I have gained weight.

Good luck

Hi Cherise, I also am a Type I (for 35 of my 43 years) and have Bipolar d.o. I have been on a “cocktail” of Wellbutrin, Lamictal, zoloft, and abilify. I have gained significant weight on Abilify and am going off of it under doctors supervison. Hope to be able to stay stable without it. I originally went on to deal with the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, which affected my Bipolar do and caused a blip on the depression radar. Abilify made my bloodsugars run in the 300’s, sometimes higher, so that plus the weight gain made me want to go off of it. I had a really bad reaction to Geodon (dystonic reaction, scary as heck) so that is not an option. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and let you know that others have this difficult task of balancing moods and blood sugars at the same time. Hang in there.

Hello Ruth,
Thanks for your input. I have been on Abilify before and it had the worse side effects with my blood sugars that I have ever seen. The same with the other anti-psychotics that I have tried including Geodon and Zyprexa. Seroquel was good for awhile but stopped working when I was at 600mg at night. I worked good for two months and didn’t have that much side effect to my blood sugar. The problem with the Seroquel is it mostly likely is part of the cause of my tachycardia so I was completely pulled off it. Now the problem is I’m only on 400mg of Tegretol and I’m going manic for most of the afternoon and night but then at night I slip into crying spells. My husband is extremely worried about me and what’s going on. I can not be put on an antidepressant because they cause me to rapid cycle extremely bad. I’ve also taken Wellbutrin and hated it. I went into some type of a psychotic state the last time I was on it. This was when they thought I was had major depressive disorder. The Zoloft helped the depressive parts but took 200 mg a day which through me into manics and without anything to take care of those I can’t be put back on it. My psychiatrist doesn’t know what he’s going to do. He told me that he’s running out of options because of the effect of the antipsychotics on my blood sugars and the fact that I have bad reactions to both Depakote and Lithium. This is why I’m getting frustrated and I’m afraid that its going to affect my schooling too. I just started back again in October. I want to finish this out and see it through. It would help me and my husband so much if I could get a good paying job.

i was searching for info on bipolar and diabetes and came across this. i am grateful people talk about this! i just wanted to encourage you because i went through the same struggles trying to find meds that didn’t mess with my blood sugar AND actually worked. i also cycle rapidly which can complicate things. i went through five different atypical antipsycs and cannot take any of the meds in the ssri class. it took time and it was frustrating because a lot of them have such bad side effects. i finally got on a mix of lamictal and lithium and had to get off of the lithium after 2 years of doing well because it was putting stress on my kidneys being added to by my diabetes. i have been doing well on lamictal, topamax, and wellbutrin xl. at the same time, i also changed my insulin routine which helped with some of the changes that happened with the meds. my psychiatrist became fairly frustrated with my case at one point and consulted with another doctor and regularly talked with my primary care phys. so that they could work together. i really hope they are able to work with you and maybe find creative mixes. if they haven’t considered topamax, it might be worth mentioning. it is primarily used for migraines and seizure prevention but is used as a mood stabilizer as well. good luck with this!

Lamictal would be a shot if it wasn’t so expensive. My psychiatrist that I currently has basically given up and I haven’t seen him since September. Any type of anti-depressant is out of the quesetion especially wellbutrin after going completely crazy on it. I basically attacked all of my family that was around me at the time. Needless to say the only family I have left after that episode is my mom and husband. They seem to be the ones that understand.Topamax didn’t do anything for me. Right now I’m back to square one. The only drug that seemed to work stopped working after two months and i was at the maximum dosage of the recommended amount. Tegretol at 400mg 2x and that was the line that i had to stop at was not working at all so they pulled me off that. Right now I’m only clozepam for my anxiety, 1 mg 2x, and that’s it for the bipolar. Then there’s my regualar insulin dosages and neuropathy medications.

You know Lots that I take about all the same meds you do for bipolor. I agree with you here. When my diabetes gets out of control so does my bipolorism. On the other side of that coin when my bipolorism gets upset so does my diabetes. Just one thing we have to live with. WE’RE STRONGER FOR IT!!! That’s the way Ilook at it!

thank you all for sharing your stories! i do need some definite help with an old friend of mine who i reconnected with last month. i'll try to be brief, but her issues are overwhelming and i want to help. here's what's going on:

*45 years old
*type 1 diabetes (since age 4)
*bipolar I (possible schizophrenia)
*on dialysis 3x per week
*has been hospitalized for bipolar (i think it's been years since)
*needs new kidney/and pancreas
*cannot get on the list for new kidney/pancreas unless she loses 10 more lbs
*she seems swollen, water retention AND weight gain. her eyes may be bulging over the years. (possible thyroid problem?) it's been 5 years since last thyroid test
*her parents have guardianship and visit once per week.
*she lives alone and manages pretty well
*seems "out of it" or staring a lot, her mouth shakes a little bit, and very slow in movements; however she can drive and do things...

she's not the same person i once knew. i'm wondering if it's all the meds she's on to "subdue" her? or is it the bipolar itself?

it seems like she has all these doctors, but i feel she needs to be monitored more closely. it's hard for her to be her own "voice" with all that's going on, and i don't know if she even realizes. i do know she is frustrated with her brain slowness. she would like to have energy and be more "normal". have a job, etc...she's very bright.

i cannot sit back and watch, unless this is the best care, and this is the best quality of life that can be done.

all in all, i need help with where to begin with my lovely friend. i am bipolar II and had thryoid issues. it was quite a fight finding the right mix for i know how hard it is with doctors, be heard, AND to continue the trial and error until you get the right dosage.

she has no friends, definitely due to all these illnesses. but she's postive despite it all...she really needs a helping hand.

if anyone has a plan of attack for her, or where to begin here, i'd love the input! thank you so much, and i applaud you for fighting and making it through!
thank you for listening!

beautiful don! you have an amazing attitude and you couldn't be more right about compassion. my friend is the sweetest person. thank you for your wisdom in passing your experience along. i appreciate your encouraging words!

I have Bipolar 1, Anxiety/Panic disorder, OCD, PPD, and T1D. I take Lamictal, Xanax, Paxil and Zoloft (generics of all). I have tried several AP meds but they always raise my BG too high and caused weight gain.

I was also facing same situation of rapid cycling bipolar. Read below article and found that i have to visit clinic to recover as my symptoms are very related mentioned in that post.