Birthdays, Full Moons, Healthy Choices & Rhymes

Please visit the original post here. Maybe it’s the full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival (which I can’t see due to skyscrapers and typical cityscape), but I feel a lot better than a few days ago. Yesterday was my dad’s 57th birthday, and I have to give him a shout-out. He’s making a lot of healthier choices in his own life, and has been a kind of inspiration for me. He’s lost weight. He’s completely given up any alcohol and he looks darn good. I’m proud of him. It’s really never too late to start making healthy changes. Heck, even my beloved 89 year old grandfather who nearly died on Father’s Day has made tremendous strides. He’s walking daily. Doing laps around the driveway. Drinking eight glasses of water daily. Taking vitamins. Eating healthy (although Hershey’s chocolate is still his weakness). His wife, my dear grandmother, who was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic a few years back, is testing her bloodsugars more regularly and eating healthier. I’m proud of my family for making healthy choices. We weren’t always the most health conscious of folk, but they’re paving the way for me now, making me proud to be part of a family that’s taking back our health.

In that spirit, I'm happy to report that today was a healthy eating day. I went grocery shopping and bought salmon, fresh veggies, yogurt and lower fat foods and Yudi and I used my little galley kitchen with its one little burner (no real stove and no oven) to make a deliciously healthy dinner of grilled salmon, steamed broccoli with a little organic brown rice and a big leafy salad. Yudi surprised me by even cooking up some of the flowers I bought yesterday. Apparently, the papery white flowers I bought from the tender old man on the street were, in fact, wild ginger, and not only do they sprout lovely white flowers, but they make a tasty treat when sauteed in an egg omelet. Truly delicious. I love those kinds of discoveries, and it's the little things that make daily life in Taiwan interesting and cool, despite the challenges.Who knew wild ginger flowers could bring me such pleasure?
The only downside was having a major spike in glucose levels this evening, forcing me to chug loads of water and postpone my dinner until almost ten. I'm still not fully adjusted to the time difference, so I enjoyed the afternoon off by taking a snooze, chiming in at 115 pre-nap, and waking up an alarming 200+ points higher a couple hours later. The only explanation I can think of is that the effectiveness of my Lantus dose had waned. I've had to readjust my Lantus to make-up for the 13 hour time difference. I take it at bedtime (which would be morning time here), so to go back to my routine of Lantus at bedtime I had to do a little shifting around of my dose yesterday, and obviously didn't quite get it right. I was scared of doubling up and taking too much Lantus, resulting in a low, so I conservatively estimated mydosage, which clearly was not correct. Luckily, I came around pretty quickly and am holding steady now post-meal at 105, but I hate the roller coaster ride I sometimes take on MDI's. To that end, an impromptu rhyme:
Pump, pump, I'm such a chump.
I don't know how, but come to me now.
I want you badly, I'll love you madly.
Lower A1C's and happy to be me's,
We'd be such a good pair, I promise, I swear!

Amylia -
Great to hear things are looking up for you. We all have those downer time, but its the support group that gets us through them. Keep up the positive attitude and healthy living.

Love the poem, may have to borrow it for my blog

hah…actually I do write poems, but that is not one of them. tee hee. actually, i suppose it is, but it’s reminiscent of a poem a five year old would write. Reminds me of the first song lyrics I ever wrote (with my dad and sister) entitled “Stinky Underwear.” It’s a family classic. :slight_smile:

haha… too funny. Well it may be a simple poem, but some of the most simple things have the most impact.

Amylia, it was great to read about your family and your tasty discovery, I also like flowers that I can eat =) your verse made me laugh and thanks for that too!