here it comes again,
another birthday.
we love it, can’t wait for it,
we hate it, we wish it would never come.
we don’t want to be another year older.
we don’t want to be fused over,
we want to celebrate it.
we want to be thought enough of, to be given a party,
or to have gotten a card, a cake,
or hear that we’re loved, or taken out to dinner.
a present, we say, oh no, you shouldn’t have,
but in our hearts we’re thrilled to pieces.
birthdays are full of all kinds of emotions.
happy, sad, thoughtful, wishful, tearful.
but deep down inside we are just children,
who feel hurt when we find ourselves alone,
and joy when we have others around.
when we say no fuss,
we really want, maybe just a little.
the human emotion is so fragile,
we are so complicated.
but deep down inside all we want is to be loved.
and birthdays are times when we need to feel loved.
happy birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Debb


This is beautiful:) Happy Birthday:)

Poetry is floating deep feeling…
My Arabic poetry do not have any of so many known rhymes the arabic language have,but many publishers accepted my new coming books and the reviw in the news papers are so nice,all talking about the musical flow of my feelings.So go on debb,and do not stop.