Bit of a stretch here. But

I'm blaming diabetes for my broken collarbone

Alrighty, I broke it at my friend's house while playing airsoft.

Because of diabetes, my parent's never let me do sports when I was younger.

The only thing they would let me do is boyscouts.

While at scouts, I met my friend. Since he went to a different school system, there is no chance I would have met him elsewhere.

Also because I couldn't do sports, I got into airsoft to help with the boredom.

Since I wouldn't have met the guy, nor gotten into airsoft, I wouldn't have been at my friend's house playing air soft 3 weeks ago.

Therefore, diabetes broke my collarbone. Thanks a lot... stupid diabetes.

Hope it mends soon and the pain eases.

OUCH! So cool to see xrays of yourself isn't it? Go ahead and blame diabetes, I got yer back!

Its still broken, but the pain is pretty much gone now. It only hurts in the morning, if I try to lift something heavy above waist level, or reach as high as I can. The doctor looked a bit surprised at my range of motion at my 3 week check. Its pretty much the same as my right arm.

Well done!

Ouch. I never broke any bones until I was well into my 30's. I had a rather bad insulin reaction one morning before waking, I don't remember getting up, but at some point I got my foot stuck under some furnature and ended up falling backwards breaking the toes in my foot right in the middle of my foot. My wife found me on the floor, still quite out of it. Didn't know my foot was broken and she tried to help me stand up, which failed with another *thud!* to the floor. At the time, I was suffering from low blood sugar unawareness. Glad I got that problem fixed with better control. A few more feet and I'd been near the top of the stairway. No telling what else would have broken on that tumble if it'd happened.