I am still on a Thanksgiving tip. I refuse to let Thanksgiving die!!

If you hear of any sales on DIABETIC SUPPLIES in your neck of the woods, we could text each other on BLACK FRIDAY.

I want to know how many other crazy nuts are going to be and waiting by their favorite store for BLACK FRIDAY. I have done this every year…Since I work grave yard it is a little easier to be the anchor for the rest of the group of people I am with. If the show up!! They will trickle in toward the 5:00 hour with the store lets in the first 100.

I thought it would be cool to text people from around the US/World to do this while we are in line freezing.

I am Van Nuys, CA but I will be at the BEST BUY on Victory and Canoga Blvd. Take pictures and post them!!!

Dumb question. When did they start calling the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday…and why? Kind of a strange name!

I moved back to the country in July with nothing but four suitcases so I have had to buy everything for my house between now and then and don’t need to shop anymore! Plus I’m having a combination birthday and housewarming on Saturday so I’ll spend Friday cooking. But happy sales everyone!

Black Friday…when most companies go from the red to the black (financially)…they finally start making money instead of being in the hole!

Send a text to me while I am in line at Best Buy!!! While your cooking I will tell you what you are Missing!!

I don’t know if this will be true of this year!!! Most companies may only break even. I don’t the economy getting better. I see more movement on a questionable health bill than the economy.

Well, I will be in line at Best Buy!!! Send a text and I will tell you what you are missing!!!