Black holes giving us stardust in our bodies

Up with the dawn chorus this morning woken up by one of our cat's smudge look smudge I said as if cat's can understand English it is the middle of the night or is it early morning at this time in a morning my mind is kinda confused deep in sleep and a nice dream where I am as fit as the fiddle in cat and the fiddle where even the cow jumps over the Moon my brain needs plugging into the World where sleep gives way to not another day but thank you Lord for it anyway, I wondered down the stairs two flights no socks slippers on my feet onto the coldness of the hallway tiles whoooeeeerrrrr and it was cold finally arriving in the kitchen where smudge is sitting by the cupboard where her and the other cat's food is kept honestly if God had given cat's hands instead of paws they would help themselves and I would be surplus to requirements.
Three and a half hours later I am sitting French doors open drinking a mug of coffee listening to birds calling to one another slowly but surely freezing my little piglets (toes) of, is it one f or two well you know I hope what I mean computer having a benny on it type gone from to big at least I can read it better now makes you wonder if computers have minds of there own sometimes, time for blood test so here goes 6.7 no wonder I feel alive awake and great it has been a long time since I saw this kind of reading in a morning have I turned the corner have I mastered my condition is all going to be well, nice thoughts but you know as well as I do one reading does not make a break through but in my case a good reading is a time for celebration not food or wine just a glance in the mirror as I pass it a wink of the eye but not tempting fate just a thought to myself well done twiddle.

Over the last two weeks I have not used sugar sweetners in my beverages I had a mug of tea with a sweetner in it and it make me sick so coffee white on the rocks you have a great day see you all soon twiddle