Black Meter Remote Case Replacement

My daughter uses a ping and is about to start back to school. Since black isn’t her color, I was wondering if anyone makes a better looking, more colorful version of the very handy Meter Remote Case?

I am not on the ping (yet… trying!) but I use a pencil box for my ultrasmart and supplies :slight_smile:

Target has some cute square jewelry boxes in the dollar spot that I think would hold the meter/strips/lancet perfectly. I meant to grab one yesterday to try, then I forgot… I may go back later and get a couple :slight_smile:

My daughter caries her meter, glucose tabs and a snack in a small purse-like bag, so the only time you actually see the meter case is when she’s using it.

I use a meter case from Stick Me Designs, which I love! You can get a five dollar discount as a member of TuDiabetes. For details, click here (and then scroll down til you see Stick Me Designs)

I have not located a case that has the rubber that holds the Ping meter in place so nicely other than the black one that comes with the meter. I am thinking about having my tailor tear apart my extra Ping case and make me a designer case that uses that rubber part. If your daughter is not in love with that rubber part then StickMe designs is the way to go.

What are the dimensions of the existing case? I have some very colorful WaveSense cases for their meter, maybe they’d be a match.

I like 50/50 pharmacy.