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In an attempt to understand how others view me as “the diabetic” and vice versa, I found this site and have learned so much about how powerful the Internet can be in this regard. I work in Information Technology but never used the Internet as a resource for my disease until now. I sometimes have bad things happen that I wish I had better understanding or control over, mood swings, crazy thoughts (epiphanies?!?), irritability, low blood sugars, are all part of this excursion. I was always a fit person before turning 30 four years ago…food sticks to me a little better now than it used to.

I am now 34 years old and have been a diabetic since I was 11 years old. I’d like to say I excercise but I don’t regularly so it all boils down to getting out and staying focused, right? That should be easy. But it’s hard with…wait…I have been told I make excuses so here’s another one: I have three beautiful children that are the light of my life, my wife is the lone sunflower in my plush field of memories that I hold onto. I know she gets frustrated with me often (and understandably so). I am in a band Stone Brew and we practice a lot (check us out online), I also started taking grad school classes this semester and also work a full time job as an Information Technology Security Analyst…blah blah blah. With all that, I would much rather be a well controlled, sane, normal diabetic Nic. These are my trials and tribulations…HA! Is there such a thing? I mean, aren’t we all stricken with some sort of “problem” of some sort? If not I would love to schedule an appointment with one of those perfect people please.

I have been asked the questions MANY times in my life: What’s your blood sugar? Are you low? So let’s check…{placing stick in monitor}…{pricking finger and squeezing for blood}…{applying blood}…5…4…3…2…1… 116mg/dL

“Food sticks to me a little better now than it used to” is a great quote! Mind if I add it to my stash of reasons why I complain more about my weight than actually do something about it?!

Hey, the way I see it we’re all in this together…go right ahead! And thanks…

When you hit 40 the fat goes to your butt and tummy and arms… SUCKS!