Bleeding with Navigator Sensor Insertion


So I am not freaked out, but when I inserted my Navigator sensor and put on the transmitter, I thought things were fine, but a couple of minutes later, I noticed a blood spot on my t-shirt. It was bleeding. I think it has stopped. Shoud I get another sensor and put it somewhere else, or is that fine?

This is the first time I have put it on my abdomen. I have always put them on my tricep prior to this, and it has never bled. I don't have clotting problems.

What do you think?

I bleed almost every time because I’m on blood thinners. Most of the time I hold a tissue or q-tip with pressure against the needle prick until it stops, before I click on the transmitter. Sometimes the sensor wont calibrate if there’s too much bruising around the site and a couple times I’ve had to throw the sensor away, but most of the time it works OK.