Blessings to our Nigerian Members

One can’t help but wonder how many of the kidnapped girls are diabetic. My family has an especially close connection in Jos where the recent bombings happened. My daughter lead a group of students from Mt Madonna School in the Santa Cruz Mountains to give their sister school in Jos loaded laptops, microscopes, educational toys and books. The School is called The Creative Minds International Academy. The Founder, Dr Emmanuel Ivorgba, was in San Francisco in March to receive the “Hidden Heroes of Compassion Award” from The Dalai Lama. Above are a few of the young folks my daughter taught while she was there.

And here is her student that was killed in one of the recent bomb blasts.

Her name is Shekinah…Blessings and sympathy to all…

look up SHECHINAH in jewish religion

Lovely. Thanks Shoshana.....

Here is my daughter, Lisa, with some of the younger students at The Creative Minds Academy in Jos.....

Judith, this is such an important story. Thank you for posting it and making it more real for us. the world community shares the responsibility for the safety of those beautiful girls. My family values educational as much as almost everything. Thinking that someone wishes to deny them what I take as a right sickens me.

As for the bombings, it is just as bad. A woman harmed in Nigeria is a woman harmed in America and vice versa.

Amazing, Judith. The photos are so stunning! Do you have more you could share?

Thanks Emily.....Here is a shot of Lisa and faculty with one of the new telescopes:

This is a solar oven so that the women don't need to walk 10 miles for firewood. Lisa's students researched all the options and also brought the means for establishing a way of manufacturing these. They boil rice in no time at all.

A group shot of faculty, visitors and some of the students. There was a wonderful welcoming gathering of Jos residents singing and dancing, too: