Blindness and pain

My husband is blind in his left eye (detached retina that couldn’t be saved) and he has constant pain, his eye is a different color and it looks a little sunken in. I’m never at his drs appt so I’ve never had a chance to ask him but he says the dr told him there’s nothing he can do for the pain except keep taking the drops or get a glass eye. Do any of you have a glass eye? Do you like it? He refuses to get one but I think it might be his only option for the pain as it’s gotten worse. I’ve been trying to Google what causes his eye to sink in but it’s so vague with a million diff causes.

I'd get a second opinion on the detached retina before I did anything like that. I only know one person with a glass eye. He lost his eye in some kind of accident and not to diabetes. He functions quite well with it. I knew him for a while before I ever knew his eye was fake. It was totally natural looking.